CyclingCols Help

A CyclingCols altitude profile can contain the following information:
Select a row in the table to highlight the corresponding element in the profile and vice versa.
Profile side Indicative direction of the route from start to summit.
Start location Geo location where profile route starts.
Category All profiles have been categorized on difficulty from category 5 (easy) to category 1 (very difficult).
Distance statistic Total distance from start to summit in kilometers.
Altitude gain statistic Total number of meters to climb from start to summit1.
Average slope statistic Average slope of the whole climb.
Maximum slope statistic Maximum slope within the whole climb for a minimum road distance of 100m.
Profile index statistic Global index indicating the difficulty of the climb. Calculated as the summed squares of the slopes of all 1 k sections.
Top stat flag Flag with rank if a statistic is amongst the largest of Europe (red text) or its country (orange text).
Altitudes Start and end heights of each section2 are shown.
Slopes Average slope for each section2. The slope is indicated by the color of the underlying section.
Distance towards top Distance towards top in kilometers.
Geo information Villages, road junctions and other remarkables on the route.
Tunnels Consecutive short tunnels can be denoted by a single tunnel icon. Not all profiles have yet been provided with tunnel icons.
Hairpin turns Hairpins turns are not depicted in all profiles, only the ones most recently created. A solid line stands for a hairpin turn to the right, a dashed one depicts a leftward hairpin turn.
Unpaved road surface Unpaved sections of the road are indicated by a gray line.
Steep sections Sections of minimum 200m length which are significantly steeper than the average of their covering section.
Steepest 5k, 1k, 200m sections Banners locating the steepest 5k, 1k and 200m section within the whole climb.
Total distance + average slope summary Summary box showing the total distance and average slope of the entire climb.

1 Total height difference will be bigger than height difference between start and summit in case of descends within the route.
2 Most profiles have 1 k sections, some more detailed profiles have shorter sections (500m or 200m).