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Largest Distance
1 Tynehead Fell 22.7km East
2 Tan Hill 18.4km East
3 Shot Moss 16.1km East
4 Hartside Pass 15.1km West
5 Tan Hill 15.0km West
6 Allendale Pass 14.6km North
7 Tynehead Fell 12.9km West
8 Fleet Moss 12.8km South
9 Shorngate Cross 12.4km East
10 Birker Fell 10.6km South
11 Newby Head Pass 10.4km North
12 The Stang 10.3km South
13 Kirkstone Pass 10.2km South
14 Hisehope Head 10.0km North-East
15 Bollihope Common 9.7km North
16 Killhope Cross 9.7km West
17 White Shaw Moss 9.7km South
18 Bollihope Common 9.6km South
19 Newlands Pass 9.3km North
20 Corney Fell 9.3km West
21 Lamps Moss 9.1km East
22 Hartside Pass 8.9km East
23 The Stang 8.5km North
24 Killhope Cross 8.2km East
25 Cold Fell 7.9km South