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Largest Altitude Gain
1 Great Dun Fell 637m  
2 Hartside Pass 540m West
3 Tan Hill 509m East
4 Tan Hill 492m West
5 Bollihope Common 432m North
6 The Stang 429m South
7 Kirkstone Pass 420m South
8 Corney Fell 417m West
9 Kirkstone Pass 413m South-West
10 Corney Fell 411m East
11 Fleet Moss 411m South
12 Tynehead Fell 408m East
13 Allendale Pass 402m North
14 Killhope Cross 400m West
15 White Shaw Moss 388m South
16 Wrynose Pass 372m East
17 Lamps Moss 367m West
18 Tynehead Fell 364m West
19 Swinhope Head 358m South
20 Swinhope Head 356m North
21 Shot Moss 351m East
22 Birker Fell 351m South
23 Fleet Moss 349m North
24 The Stang 349m North
25 Harthope Moss 340m North